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7.30 - The Goldmine
Terry McKenna presents 'Guess the Year', an hour of classic songs from two different years each week. Do you remember when ...?

8.30 - The Monday Mix
Tune in every week to relieve your Monday Blues as Alfonso Iannone and Emma Fey play a barrow-load of your favourite songs and music. Lots of fun and nonsense to brighten the start of your week.

Crew/Engineer: Maggie Tam, Terry McKenna
7.30 - The Biography Show
Join Mayfield Radio presenters past and present for a musical insight into a wide range of artists and bands.

8.30 - Mayfield Allsorts
Sue Marshall and Ken Robertson bring you the night's comedy spot, an alternative classic track, and the producer's selected album, as well as your choice of music.

Crew/Engineer: David Rodgers, Michael Hulse
7.30 - Swing 'n' Jazz
Dilys Mack plays a wide range of music and song from the worlds of jazz, the big bands and the swing era.

8.30 - Treasure Chest
Join David Rodgers and Catriona Howson for all your requests, this week's musical, a winning 'Oscar' song, and a 'number one' track from this week in days of yore.

Crew/Engineer: Kevin McArdle
7.30 - Scotch Corner
Jim Ritchie gives a knowledgeable insight into the world of Scottish dance music and songs of Scotland.

8.30 - The Night Line
Definitely not to be missed. Your request show in the capable hands of Euan Gordon with a special soul music section and a delve into our vinyl vault.

Crew/Engineer: Matthew Bradshaw, Lynne MacDonald
7.30 - Flashback Friday
Jim Manson presents a fine selection of music from the '70s and '80s.

8.30 - Thank Goodness It's Friday
Boyd McAdam, Anne McKerchar and Alan Dudley get the weekend underway with your requests, the Friday Quiz and more light-hearted Friday fun!

Crew/Engineer: Barry Carmichael
7.30 - The Comedy Hour
An hour of laughter with excerpts from some of your favourite comedy sketches.

8.30 - Lucky Dip
The perfect way to end Saturday. Join Dilys Mack for your Saturday night requests, a look at the past week's birthdays, the kidspot, a favourite classical track and a dip into today's fascinating factoids.

Crew/Engineer: John Sheddan
7.30 - Classical Concert
Carole Conyngham presents a selection of classical music for both beginner and connoisseur.

8.30 - The Sunday Supplement
End the weeekend in the company of Margaret Farish and Laura McTaggart with a colourful bundle of the music you have asked to hear, the Scot-quiz and much more.

Crew/Engineer: Maggie Tam, Alan Farish
Terry McKenna

Name: Terry McKenna
Day Job: Science Technician
Year Joined: 198x
Why Joined?: It seemed like a good idea at the time…
Yourself in 3 Words: Happy, Jolly, And
Favourite Song: 'Tijuana Taxi'

Alfonso Iannone

Name: Alfonso Iannone
Day Job: English teacher at high school
Year Joined: 2006
Why Joined?: A keen interest in music and loving the sound of my own voice :)
Yourself in 3 Words: Sarcastic, Up-beat, Friendly
Favourite Song: 'Chances Are' - Bob Seger & Martina McBride

Emma Fey

Name: Emma Fey
Day Job: 6th year pupil in high school
Year Joined: 2010
Why Joined?: Sounded like fun to present on a radio station.
Yourself in 3 Words: Sweet, Charming, Funny
Favourite Song: 'Wannabe' - The Spice Girls

Maggie Tam

Name: Maggie Tam
Day Job: Applications Developer at Skoogmusic Ltd.
Year Joined: 2007
Why Joined?: My mum said I should get off my butt and do something useful for once…
Yourself in 3 Words: Avant-garde (according to Terry), Mad, Clumsy (extremely)
Favourite Song: 'The Blues are Still Blue' - Belle and Sebastian

Margaret Farish

Name: Margaret Farish
Day Job: Enjoying retirement
Year Joined: 1971
Why Joined?: A good idea at the time
Yourself in 3 Words: Growing old gracefully
Favourite Song: 'The Best' - Tina Turner

Lynne MacDonald

Name: Lynne MacDonald
Day Job: Office Administrator with Electrical Contractors Association
Year Joined: 2010
Why Joined?: Wanted to do something worthwhile. I had previously volunteered with Edinburgh Hospital Broadcasting Service and enjoyed it.
Yourself in 3 Words: Caring, Thoughtful, Bubbly
Favourite Song: 'Crackin' Rosie' - Neil Diamond

Michael Hulse

Name: Michael Hulse
Day Job: To quote Garth Marenghi: 'I prefer the term "dreamweaver".'
Year Joined: 2009
Why Joined?: I joined while I was at college, after the station contacted our course tutor for volunteers.
Yourself in 3 Words: Likes rice pudding
Favourite Song: 'Time for Heroes' - The Libertines

Alan Farish

Name: Alan Farish
Day Job: Computer Engineer
Year Joined: 1973
Why Joined?: Because Margaret told me to! Also it was an excuse to go to the pub every night.

David Rodgers

Name: David Rodgers
Day Job: Work for Standard Life
Year Joined: 2001
Why Joined?: To do something worthwhile outside of work.
Yourself in 3 Words: Helpful, Shy, Generous
Favourite Song: 'Vienna' - Ultravox

Sue Marshall

Name: Sue Marshall
Year Joined: 1992
Why Joined?: Thought it would be good fun
Yourself in 3 Words: Extrovert, Decisive, Helpful
Favourite Song: 'Forever Young' - Bob Dylan

Ken Robertson

Name: Ken Robertson
Year Joined: 1994
Why Joined?: Did a module on radio at college, and wanted to do something further in that field.
Yourself in 3 Words: Loyal, Foward-looking, Positive
Favourite Song: 'Pack Up' - Eliza Doolittle

Name: Kevin McArdle
Day Job: Administrator
Year Joined: 2005
Why Joined?: I'm a sound engineer graduate who wanted to excel my knowledge base and skills.
Yourself in 3 Words: Vivacious, Intellectual, And(!)
Favourite Song: 'Baba O'Reilly' - The Who

Matthew Bradshaw

Name: Matthew Bradshaw
Day Job: AV Crew
Year Joined: 2010
Why Joined?: Aid to college study
Yourself in 3 Words: Hyperactive, Imature, Disorganised
Favourite Song: 'Down with the Sickness' - Disturbed

Laura McTaggart

Name: Laura McTaggart
Day Job: Mental Health Student Nurse
Year Joined: 2010
Why Joined?: I joined because I love music, laughing and I never stop talking! Mayfield seemed like the perfect place.
Yourself in 3 Words: Quirky, Dorky, Dramatic
Favourite Song: 'More Today Than Yesterday' - Spiral Staircase

Catriona Howson

Name: Catriona Howson
Day Job: Journalism Student
Year Joined: 2010
Why Joined?: I presented a radio show at uni and a lecturer said I had 'the voice' and frogmarched me here (it's where she started her career).
Yourself in 3 Words: Writer, Book-lover, Academic-Comic-Book-Geek
Favourite Song: 'Mr Blue Sky' - ELO or 'Freezepop' - Plastic Stars

Alan Dudley

Name: Alan Dudley
Year Joined: 2001
Why Joined?: Do something constructive
Yourself in 3 Words: Enthusiastic, Conscientious, Non-Technical
Favourite Song: 'Stardust' - Nat King Cole

Barry Carmichael

Name: Barry Carmichael
Day Job: Office work with a bank
Year Joined: 1999
Why Joined?: Started to do my Duke of Edinburgh Award and stayed.
Yourself in 3 Words: Bald, Sporty, Geeky
Favourite Song: 'Ballroom Blitz' - Sweet

Boyd McAdam

Name: Boyd McAdam
Day Job: Civil Servant
Year Joined: The stone age? 1972?
Why Joined?: Love of music and helping
Yourself in 3 Words: Tall, Grey, Busy
Favourite Song: For sentimental: 'Today' - John Denver
For fun: 'One-Trick Pony' - Paul Simon

Name: John G Sheddan
Day Job: Senior partner in a small firm of chartered accountants
Year Joined: Norman Braidwood, Ian Ramsay, and I were the founder members back in the late 60's. At the opening of MRU in 1971, the minister of Mayfield Kirk, Bill McDonald, said a lot of blood, sweat, and swears went into its construction!
Why Joined?: I was always interested in electronics/physics as a hobby and the MRU project provided super challenges in these fields, especially on virtually zero budget.
Yourself in 3 Words: Thrawn, Focussed, Fair
Favourite Song: 'Whiter Shade of Pale' - Procol Harum

Name: Dilys Mack
Day Job: Retired nursery school teacher
Year Joined: On the unit's 1st birthday - June 1972
Why Joined?: Liked the idea that distant family and friends could leave a message, request or dedication for folk they were unable to visit and that hospital radio provided a more personal alternative to local or national radio
Yourself in 3 Words: Music-loving, Bird-watching Dreamer
Favourite Song: 'A Whiter Shade of Pale' - Procol Harum

Name: Jim Manson
Day Job: Security officer in M&S
Year Joined: 1993
Why Joined?: Always wanted to work in radio
Yourself in 3 Words: Fun
Favourite Song: 'Don't You Forget About Me' - Simple Minds

Carole Conyngham

Name: Carole C. Conyngham
Day Job: Retired Market Researcher
Year Joined: 2003
Favourite Song: Favourites vary between the 'Emperor Concerto' by Beethoven and Saint-Saëns's 'Organ Symphony'.

Euan Gordon

Name: Euan Gordon

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